Our box "RFID Car Key Signal Blocking" is the best and simplest way to keep your car safe, give peace of mind when you sleep at night! Don't let anyone break into your car.

Keyless Car theft – Check our graphic below where we explained how thief can get into your car.

Keyless car theft - how to prevent it

Created to be the ultimate handover gift, with any new premium brand vehicle.
Made in the UK from solid billet aluminium.
Machined with precision, and hand finished with our ‘Patented’ soft touch feel.

KeySafe is a beautifully engineered presentation case that will last for years. Especially, as it provides the perfect barrier against key cloning and vehicle theft. Guaranteed to stop any RFID signal extenders. Therefore, your customers can rest assured their prize possession is safe with an RFID KeySafe.

Can be fibre laser engraved with your dealership logo and vehicle branding.

Each KeySafe is manufactured to exacting standards. With a 6 mm wall thickness and overlapping lid mechanism. It creates the ultimate in key protection.

Did you know here at RFID KeySafe we also care about the environment.

Aluminium is the ‘greenest’ metal to use as its 100% recyclable.
Consequently, we use recycled aluminium in our production, resulting in a fantastic eco-friendly marketing product. Which, not only promotes your business for years to come. It also has a very low carbon footprint in its production.

Finally, have also been accredited with ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. Knowing you are in safe hands dealing with RFID KeySafe.

RFID Car Key Signal Blocking Case Box

Our box will help you to keep your keys safe and will not let anyone to get into your car. Check our shop for other colour variants.