BMW 1M M3 Steering Angle Lock Kit E8x / E9x E92 E90 E93 E82


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BMW 1-series E8x 1M

BMW 3-series E9x M3


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Customized steering angle lock kit for BMW E8x 1M / E9x M3 DRIFT

BMW 1-series E8x  1M

BMW 3-series E9x  M3

The kit is based on original steering knuckle adapters, so the installation is simple and does not require any interference with the braking system or car’s body.

These adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high-quality finish and 100% matching the adapter to the steering knuckle and kingpin ends.

The adapters are made of aluminum 7075, which durability is as good as structural steel while lighter.

The structural steel arm is cut with a laser and bent on a numerically controlled machine, armed with uniball joints with conical assembling sleeves.

Besides, the kit includes high-quality ball joints and complete steering rods.

If you want to reduce the camber angle, which will be around 8-9 degrees when using standard Camber plates, buy our plates with a broader range of settings.

As a result, the tilt angle can be reduced to 4-5 degrees.

There is no need to cut, weld, or polish during the installation – everything can be done with the PLUG & PLAY option.

This action is fully reversible, so the car body remains intact.

The customized lock kit for the BMW E8X 1M / E9X M3 series includes:

  • the front LEFT arm – 1 piece
    the front RIGHT arm – 1 piece
    the front LEFT arm adapter – 1 piece
    the front RIGHT arm adapter – 1 piece
    set screws – 10 pieces
    ball joints – 2 pieces
    steering rods – 2 pieces
    high-quality uniball joints with assembling sleeves – 4 pieces
    uniball sleeves – 8 pieces
    adapter washers – 2 pieces

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