BMW E46 Hydraulic Handbrake Fly Off Extension


(VAT incl.)

Model: E46

Material: STEEL 10mm
Colour: Black

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Designed to modify drift hand brake extension
that fits over a stock parking brake handle
on a BMW E46 (left-hand drive EU and US models only).

This item is a simple solution to getting more out
of your factory e-brake system.

Easy to install, and it puts the handle in an easy
to reach position.

Handbrake mounted on the original holes in the tunnel.

The original handbrake cover can be slipped over
the Fly Off.

The handle can be extended with an additional tube
if necessary.

hydraulic cylinder OBP:
– size 0.625 (15.86 mm)
– input 3/8 “UNF
– output 7/16” UNF

In order to correctly connect the handbrake,
two additional brake calipers are required on the
rear axle, then the line to the hydraulic handbrake is pulled from the brake caliper and connected there.

A hose with a container for the brake fluid is
attached to the second connection or copper fitting.

item weight : 1.95 kg

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Weight1.95 kg