Turn Angle Adapters BMW E46 Lock Kit Motorsport


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Turn Angle Adapters BMW E46

MODEL:  E46 / E46 Compact / Z4

MATERIAL: Aluminium

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BMW E46 / E46 Compact / BMW Z4 Turn Angle Adapters Lock Kit Motorsport

Adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high-quality finish and 100%
matching the adapter to the steering knuckle and kingpin ends.

During assembly, the steering rod and its end should get shortened by 1 cm – the body remains intact.

The minimum internal diameter of the rim should be 370 mm so the adapter could be assembled.

Made of Aluminium

The set includes:

adapter for the front LEFT arm – 1 piece
adapter for the front RIGHT arm – 1 piece
set bolts – 4 pieces

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