BMW E38 Adjustable Rear Control Arm Kit Camber and Toe


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BMW E38  7-series
Adjustable Wishbones Camber Arms Rear Negative

High-quality Bearing
Made of Steel Zinc Plated

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Adjustable camber and toe arms for the rear axle,
suitable for the BMW E38.

The product is mainly used to generously adjust
camber and toe alignment of the rear axle.

Suitable for sport or lowered chassis to adjust the
axle geometry again.

This kit allows you to mount larger alloys.
Improves driving and handling of lowered car.
Your tyres will last longer.

Gives stiffer and more direct connection
compared to the standard arms.

Very strong and durable chrome high performance
molybdenum heavy duty uniball bearings.


Made of thick-walled steel tube S355 and galvanised.
CNC and TIG welded.

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